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To help keep you and your family safe, you are required to have safety checks on all gas appliances once every 12 months. This does save money in the long term. B.S Plumbing and Heating will ensure that these checks are done professionally by Gas Safe registered tradesmen, ensuring your home has had all the appropriate gas safety checks.

Once the safety inspection is completed, all the necessary paperwork will be filled in and signed, then supplied to you and a copy made available to us, which is a legal requirement.

B.S Plumbing and Heating ensure that appliance standards are met:-

  • The burner pressure or heat input is correct with appliance manufacturers' instructions
  • Ventilation is adequately supplied
  • All gas safety devices are in accordance with current standards
  • Installed appliances pass a tightness test i.e. no gas leaks.
  • Date of inspection
  • Any defects reported
  • Remedial action taken

Pricing for gas servicing including boilers, heaters and cookers (within Leeds Area only - call us for a competitive quote if outside):-

  • Boiler service in Leeds £59.50
  • Fire service £59.50
  • Warm air heating service £59.50
  • Cooker checks £15.00
  • Hob £10.00
  • Fire and back boiler £69.50
  • Wall-heaters £25.00 (on it's own 1 appliance £59.50)